Richard Bradshaw
Richard started his testing careZ0M0XgtY_400x400er in 2006 by landing a placement at LloydsTSB as part of his degree. Upon graduating, he decided testing would be a great career choice and well, has been testing ever since. Richard is a very technical tester, writing and speaking a lot about Automation, using and writing. Richard is also a very visual tester, and is never to far away from a sharpie! He is very active in the community and blogs at and tweets (alot) as @FriendlyTester

Bill Matthews
Bill Matthews

My main interested within the field of testing include: test strategy, automation, model based testing, exploratory testing, coaching testers, application security and just plain old bug hunting. Bill blogs at and tweets at @Bill_Matthews

Simon Knight

Simon mainly works as a independent testing specialist on agile teams focused on continuous integration and deployment. When he’s not testing, he also coaches testers and test teams, freelances with The Test Ninjas, manages The Testing Planet, speaks at testing events and occasionally hosts conferences. Simon tweets at @sjpknight and blogs at

Vernon Richards
Vernon Richards

Vernon never replied with a description, and I can’t find one for him, so he is getting what twitter says 😀

Tester, Will Smith virtual stunt double. The bugs outnumber us a paltry 3 to 1! Good odds for any tester! Oh Leic != Leek! It’s short for Leicester. Vernon tweets at

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